Monday, October 20, 2008

Marketizing Health Care

More of this, please:

Radiology has long been at the forefront of telemedicine, and now it is paving the way into another area of medicine...auctions! Enter Telerays radiology auction service, where batches of studies are auctioned off to the radiologist with the lowest bid. That doesn't sound very reassuring until you read through the company's reassuring credentialing process.

The radiologists are recruited from across the US in what appears to be a win-win proposition. For physicians, the Telerays system allows for as much or as little work, when and where they want, while simplifying billing arrangements. For hospitals, it adds access to radiologists, including sub-specialists (that may not be available in a smaller center) while potentially allowing for cost savings as well.

Dr. Jay Parkinson approves.

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theburningsoul said...

Health care always has been commercialized

Christopher Monnier said...

Commercialized, yes, but not necessarily marketized. What Telerays has done has decentralized the way resources (in this case, radiology services) are allocated by taking advantage of market competition.