Sunday, October 12, 2008

Facebook Tips

I recently saw someone use the "♥" symbol on Facebook and was wondering how they did it. Windows character map says the shortcut key is "U+2665," but this isn't very helpful. Where's the "U" key? Typing a capital-U and then 2665 doesn't work. So how do people do it?

Turns out (as I found here) there are some really easy ways to get some basic symbols. These shortcuts might not work in all applications and/or fonts (they won't show up in Verdana), but they work in Facebook.

  • Alt+1: Non-filled smiley face (☺)
  • Alt+2: Filled smiley face (☻)
  • Alt+3: Heart (♥)
  • Alt+4: Diamond (♦)
  • Alt+5: Club (♣)
  • Alt+6: Spade (♠)
  • Alt+7: Dot (•)
  • Alt+8: Square with hold (◘)
  • Alt+9: Non-filled ellipse: (○)


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Andy said...

Facebook has been converting <3 into ♥ for quite some time..