Sunday, April 3, 2005

Libertarian party still alienating would-have-been libertarians

Have you been to the Libertarian Party's website, recently?

They proudly tout editorials condemning government-sponsored aid to tsunami victims and defeating proposals to build new schools. And why do they have a prominent link in the upper left corner of the site that urges people to boycott the census? Sure, they make some valid points, but come on...think about how that sounds to non-libertarians (or even non-Libertarians)?

Boycotting the census!?!? The average American thinks, "What has the census ever done to me? Why is it so bad? Why would I want to boycott it?"

The average American might go to the Democratic Party website and see a prominent statement honoring the pope. They'll also see a cleverly-titled link that brings users to a page that argues against social security privatization.

People care about social security, and they care about the Pope.

The average American might go to the Republican Party website and see a fancy Flash ad highlighting the president's agenda, a nice podcasting link, and a link (albeit less prominent than the Democrats') to a statement by the president on the death of Pope John Paul II.

Again, they discuss issues people care about.

To summarize:

  • Democrats - preserve Social Security, honor the Pope, ...
  • Republicans - lower taxes, more homeland security, podcasting, ...
  • Libertarians - boycott the census, don't give money to tsunami victims, ...
Which party would you support?

UPDATE: For comments, see the original blog post here.

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