Saturday, March 26, 2005

'The ingenuity of drug traffickers is amazing,'

Really??? That's a big surprise...

That quote if from a story on about an under-construction submarine that was confiscated by Colombian police.

Of course the ingenuity of drug traffickers is amazing--they're motivation is profit. This "amazing" ingenuity is exactly why the War on Drugs has never worked and will never get any more successful.

Drug traffickers have as their motivation profit--what could be a more tried and true motivation for accomplishing anything? Some might suggest patriotism, and I would agree, but only if the patriotism is actually patriotism and not nationalism, and even then only for a brief period of time (maybe enough to win a revolution, but then not much longer).

So this story illustrates two things:
  1. Profit is the best motivation for accomplishing almost anything.
  2. The War on Drugs will never be successful.
Translation: "yes" to free markets, "no" to War on Drugs.

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