Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Why so many nerds are libertarians

Have you ever noticed that a disproportionate amount of so-called "nerds" are libertarians? Why is that?

Here's my take: because nerds, after at least a year's worth of physics, actually understand the principles of conservation:

You know; the conservation of energy, the conservation of mass, the conservation of momentum, etc.

Nerds understand that you can't get something for nothing. And so do libertarians.

But most politicians don't get it. They're constantly offering something for nothing. They're constantly offering government programs and regulations that address the latest media-hyped problem du jour.

If only they'd get it...You can't get something for nothing. You can't generate wealth with programs and regulations. You can only generate wealth from one source--human labor.

Think about it. The world exists. Everything that's here has always been here. The only new thing that's added to Earth is life (which is essentially energy transformed from matter). And only human life is capable of *innovation*. Innovation (via human labor) allows life (humans) to further transorm meaningless matter into meaningful matter.

Think of it like this: humans are essentially potential energy. The potential is essentially limitless, especially when you consider the fact that there are over 6 billion humans with innovative capacity.

Human labor is that energy in motion--it's kinetic energy. And the result of human labor is wealth (new products, new ideas, new materials, etc.)

Wealth, then, is essentially potential energy. It's the energy that's not wasted after our potential energy is transormed into kinetic energy.

So there you go. The only thing that adds potential wealth-generating energy to this Earth is human labor.

So why would you tax the only thing on this *planet* that is capable of generating wealth (and increasing the standard of living for all people)?

I don't know. That's why I'm a libertarian.

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