Monday, November 3, 2008

Who I'm Voting For

Finally, the election is upon us. After looking up the relevant sample ballot here, I compiled the following summary of who I'll be voting for. If you're looking for a good summary of the candidates local races in your area, the Star Tribune has a nice "MyVote" tool here.

OfficeCandidate (party)
PresidentBob Barr (L)
SenatorDean Barkley (I)
U.S. RepresentativeChristopher Monnier (write-in, i)
State RepresentativeJerry Pitzrick (D)
County CommissionerRandy Johnson (NP)
Soil Commissioner, District 1Eric Hupperts (write-in, NP)
Soil Commissioner, District 3James Wisker (NP)
Soil Commissioner, District 5Karl Hanson (NP)
Eden Prairie City Council (choose two)Brad Aho, Jeffery Meyerhofer (NP)
Minnesota Constitutional AmendmentNo
Minnesota Supreme Court, Justice 3Paul Anderson (NP)
Minnesota Supreme Court, Justice 4Deborah Hedlund (NP)
Minnesota Court of Appeals, Judge 16Terri J. Stoneburner (NP)
4th District, Judge 9Philip D. Bush (NP)
4th District, Judge 53Jane Ranum (NP)
4th District, Judge 58James T. Swenson (NP)


  • (L) = Libertarian Party
  • (D) = Democratic Party (technically Democrat Farmer-Laborer in Minnesota)
  • (I) = Independence Party
  • (i) = indpendent
  • (NP) = non-partisan position

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