Sunday, September 14, 2008

Solving Climate Change with Cute Icons

Here are the icons used in BP's latest TV campaign ("Energy security 1"):

And here are the icons from Chevrolet's "Gas-friendly to Gas-free" campaign:

The two sets of icons are pretty different from each other, yet each seems to represent their respective brand's image well. BP's icons fit their "we're-cute-even-though-we're-an-oil-company" image, and Chevy's icons fulfill the role that Chevy plays in the automobile marketplace as the "trying-to-be-cute-but-still-not-European" automaker. Hopefully there's also some substance behind these two companies' campaigns, and they're not just counting on consumers to assume the problem is solved because the icons for yet-to-be-viable solutions already exist.

Images from here and here.

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